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William Koester / Bend. Oregon (excerpt)

Richard Simon / Bend. Oregon (excerpt)

Richard Clyde / Bend. Oregon (excerpt)

Wilma, Cleveland (excerpt)

Johannes Orville Mosbo / Bend, Oregon (excerpt)

Herbert Hansen / Bend, Oregon (excerpt)

Velma Richardson / Bend. Oregon (excerpt)

Paul J. Jordan / Bend. Oregon (excerpt)

Anthony Mazziotti / Bend. Oregon (excerpt)

Velma Irene Richardson / Bend, Oregon (excerpt)

Rose, Hialeah  (excerpt)

Floyd Stacy / Bend. Oregon (excerpt)

Sarita, Miami (excerpt)


Gerardo Borbón / Miami. Florida (excerpt)

Carmen, Dayton (excerpt)

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Veterans/Full Interview

Carmen, Dayton (excerpt)

Arlene, Miami (excerpt)

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